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00:12 M: Sasha Luss
23:56 YUCATAN HOUSE / Isay Weinfeld
14:36 Frances Benjamin Johnston
Native American & African American Students
Hampton Institute, 1899
10:59 Benjamin West

Death on the Pale Horse, 1796
13:28 Eastern Sudanese Sword Dance
12:49 Ph: Michael Magin
09:28"I am an African. The death of my brother is also my death. Let me put this question to you again, because many foolish Black middle classes, and many foolish people who are eating well think that they can sit in America, and watch this country destroy the African continent, and watch this country destroy African-Caribbeans, and watch this country destroy Africans in Central and South America, and think that these same people who destroy Africans abroad, will not be the same people who will destroy them in America." — Dr. Amos N. Wilson

(Source: disciplesofmalcolm, via themaroonvillage)

01:50 Vajrayogini
Dakini (Sarvabuddhadakini)
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Touch the Sky by Kanye West
18:39 Solomon Joseph Solomon
The Awakening, 1891