Erik Angstrom
A shitty blog. Architecture, Art, Comics, Design, Fashion, Film, History, Nudity, Sexual Violence.

Dear Follower, 

I’m Erik Angstrom. Not really but you’ll need to be able to address me by a name and Erik is as good as any. I spell it with a K, like a European…or an asshole.

My hobbies include cruelty, emotional abuse, callous manipulation, and watching Breaking Bad.

I love women. I love clothes. I love food. I love design. I love art.  I love life. I love you.

I’ll mostly be blogging architecture, sexual violence, Lolita, Batman, art, and history here.

Here I’ll post a hodgepodge of those things each day that I’ve found just for you.

I’m not particularly nice, but you’ll like me anyway.


P.S.: If I message you something weird I’m probably just fucking with you. Don’t you pay me no never mind.

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