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Answer this or message me if you speak or write fluent Swedish. Thanks!
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    jag :)
  2. desbravando answered: not. but what prevents you from speaking?
  3. neonlightscheapthrills answered: not so fluent yet, but I’m studying it.
  4. thingsthatmakeyougoumph answered: Yorgen schplorgen groofen roofen ooo mork, mork, mork. I speak Swedish chef…does that count?
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  7. meant2 answered: close;)
  8. le-sharp answered: Hej.
  9. youarenotlost answered: såklart
  10. styleofclassics answered: I’m swedish
  11. meandthesewalls answered: the only swedish i know is swedish house mafia hahahaha
  12. ataxie answered: I do, why?
  13. passionslikemine answered: Hejsan! Surströmming, skatter o fika.
  14. ableedingtypewriter answered: halloj!
  15. inlowbuildings answered: Tjena, till vilket syfte?
  16. shitthatilikealot answered: Tjaaa Erik! Läget? :)
  17. x-bliss-x answered: jag!
  18. prettyfearless answered: I’m swedish and I talk fluent swedish
  19. blundaochtryck answered: Shr
  20. beafuturist answered: no
  21. alitlebitred answered: yep
  22. 4-winds answered: my roommate speaks it fluently
  23. ceasepool answered: Alright
  24. thelawislove answered: Yes, I do.
  25. libbymichaela answered: hejsan
  26. nature-whore said: Svarar
  27. tozil answered: i do :) what is this about ;D?
  28. lotta-love answered: I’m half swedish and I live in Finland where Swedish is the 2nd official language so pretty much yea.
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  30. madeleinebjrk answered: yup
  31. pastrygiraffe answered: Swede, and pretty fluent in Swedish.
  32. rippedjeansdiamondrings answered: Men vilket språk använder ni i sängkammaren?
  33. fridafridolin answered: i do!
  34. dred75 answered: Om meningen är inte alltför svårt ..